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Analog Submission Press is an independent publisher of poetry and prose based out of Cape Town, South Africa and Yorkshire, United Kingdom. We are open for submissions but would ask that you first consider whether your work fits alongside the other titles in our catalogue. 

Poetry of the 'day-to-day', simple & direct language, bohemian sensibilities, the life spirit of Arthur Rimbaud & Charles Baudelaire, a Dadaist feast of line blurring disregard, the energy of the 'Beat Generation', the simplicity of Li Po & Tu Fu, the inter dimensional gateways of Ezra Pound & Brion Gysin, the middle finger of punk rock, the keyboard hammering desperation of Charles Bukowski, William Wantling & DA Levy, the cool headedness of Basho, Issa & Ryokan, the brevity & adverb assassinations of Ernest Hemingway & Raymond Carver, & the unscrewing of locks from doors & the unscrewing of the doors themselves from the foundations of old. 

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