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We are an independent publisher of poetry and prose currently based in Yorkshire, England. 

We are open for submissions but would ask that you first consider whether your work fits alongside the other titles in our catalogue. 

Poetry of the 'day-to-day', simple and direct language, bohemian sensibilities, the spirits of Arthur Rimbaud and Charles Baudelaire, a Dadaist feast of line blurring, the energy of the 'Beat Generation', the simplicity of Li Po and Tu Fu, the puzzles of Ezra Pound and Brion Gysin, the DIY aesthetic of punk rock, the desperation of Charles Bukowski, William Wantling and DA Levy, the calmness of Basho and Issa, the brevity of Raymond Chandler, the unscrewing of locks from doors and the unscrewing of the doors themselves from the foundations of old. 

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