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  1. Fat Pink Demons by Gregarious Beach (200 copies)
  2. A Face Now Rendered Indescribable by Marc Brüseke (200 copies)
  3. Get It Back To Give It Away by Marc Brüseke (print on demand)
  4. Gregarious Beach #2 by Gregarious Beach (25 copies)
  5. Cumulative Impact Zone (CIZ) by Marc Brüseke (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  6. Broke As Eggs by Gregarious Beach (25 copies)
  7. Sticks Of Tea by Marc Brüseke (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  8. Portraiture by James Parker (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  9. They Make Us Want To Hang Like Christmas Ornaments From Trees In Far Off Destinations by Arthur J Willhelm (25 copies in collaboration with Iron Lung Press)
  10. The Lost Stanzas Of York by Marc Brüseke (10 copies in collaboration with Iron Lung Press) SOLD OUT
  11. Ramshackle American by Nathanael William Stolte (25 copies)
  12. Poor Poems For Poor Souls by Damian Rucci (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  13. The Arrival Of Dr. K: A Poem & Manifesto In Five Parts by Marc Brüseke OUT OF PRINT
  14. Gop Chevy by Gregarious Beach (10 copies)
  15. Coffee Shop Worker by mask signal (10 copies) SOLD OUT
  16. Coffee Shop Worker by mask signal (second edition of 15 copies)
  17. I'm Leaving America by Robyn Wyatt Dunn (10 copies)
  18. Seeds Taken From A Tree Planted By Neal Cassady by Marc Brüseke (10 copies) SOLD OUT
  19. Aphroditean Romance by Marc Brüseke (15 copies) SOLD OUT
  20. Bungalow Knees by Gregarious Beach (15 copies)
  21. Don't Whitewash Your Madness by Philip J Segrott (25 copies)
  22. Heirloom Dog by Zola Cate Picone (40 copies) SOLD OUT
  23. Heirloom Dog by Zola Cate Picone SECOND PRINTING (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  24. Clark Kent & Other Poems by Waldo Farold (25 copies)
  25. Fallen Whispers by Heather R. Parker (50 copies) SOLD OUT
  26. ,,Existence, Death and Nothing" by Niklas ,,Manik" Stephenson (25 copies)
  27. The Pursuit of Shadows by John D Robinson (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  28. Oh, But Didn't You Sing Through The Mouths Of Next Doors Wallpaper To Me by Gregarious Beach (25 copies)
  29. When The Revolution Is Over, Who's Gonna Clean The Toilets? by Marc Brüseke (25 copies)
  30. Beers Never Get Drunk in a Sober & Blasphemous World by Patrick Moore (25 copies)
  31. Welcome to the Living Room by Refugio Garcia (25 copies)
  32. Ash on Your Face Like War Paint by Scott Wozniak (25 copies)
  33. Laughing like a Hummingbird in the Street by Adrian Manning (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  34. Christiana by Christopher Miguel Flakus (25 copies)
  35. 21st Century Moloch by Niklas ,,Manik'' Stephenson (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  36. Cockroach Hiss by Marc Brüseke (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  37. Hot Librarian Eyes by Gregarious Beach (25 copies)
  38. American Dream Machine by Arthur J. Willhelm (25 copies)
  39. Orphan Crows by Tohm Bakelas (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  40. The Taste of Blood on Christmas Morning by J.J. Campbell (25 copies)
  41. The Ass of the Statue of Liberty by Catfish McDaris (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  42. Punk is Dead, Long Live Punk by Martin Appleby (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  43. Hidden Icons & Secret Menus by Gwil James Thomas (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  44. The New Normal by Mike Power (25 copies)
  45. Gods of the Gonzo by Elancharan Gunasekaren (25 copies)
  46. On the Tip of our Tongues by Victor Clevenger (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  47. An Eccentric Urban Guide to Surviving by Joseph D. Reich (25 copies)
  48. Staring at the Stratopause by Kate Tattersfied (25 copies)
  49. Godless Animals by John Dorsey (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  50. Advice From the Dead I Know by Heart by Brian McGettrick (25 copies)
  51. These Stupid Little Words by Mather Schneider (25 copies)
  52. Flying Through This Life Like a Bottle Battling Gravity by Bradford Middleton (25 copies)
  53. Verse Longinquity by Periac (25 copies)
  54. Workingman's Odyssey by Jake St. John (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  55. A Bastard Child in the Kingdom of Nil by John Sweet (25 copies)
  56. Imperial Pools by Paul Belbusti (25 copies)
  57. Wrapped in Jewelweed & Butcher Paper by Ainsley Meyer (25 copies)
  58. In Times Like These by Dawson Steeber (25 copies)
  59. Bungalow Music by Ford Dagenham (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  60. Interiors by Katie Doherty (25 copies)
  61. Don't Fuck with the Formula by Bradley Mason Hamlin (50 copies)
  62. Be Still & You Might Hear Them by Dave Matthes (25 copies)
  63. Poems for Tommy Two-Guns by Pete Donohue (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  64. Poems for Tommy Two-Guns by Pete Donohue SECOND PRINTING (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  65. Smile Until You're Alive Enough To Be Dead by Kevin Ridgeway (25 copies)
  66. Sad Discoveries by India LaPlace (25 copies) SOLD OUT
  67. Pen, Cap, Chew by Gregarious Beach (25 copies)
  68. Close to the Bone by Ted Jackins (25 copies)
  69. A Room at the Heartbreak Hotel by Howie Good (25 copies)
  70. Romance, Renegades & Riots by Gwil James Thomas & John D Robinson (51 copies)
  71. My French by Kevin Tosca (200 copies)
  72. Scratch Card by Paul Cordeiro (25 copies)
  73. Wear Brighter Colors by Dan Provost (25 copies)
  74. Rogue 13 by Mab Jones (25 copies)
  75. Killing Karma's Goat by Jeanette Powers (25 copies)
  76. Poorly Written Poems, Gently Read by the Onslaught of a Shoe Shine Boy by Patrick Moore (25 copies)
  77. Asphyxiation Blues by Marc Brüseke (25 copies)
  78. Swimming Through the Void by M.C. Zendejas (25 copies)
  79. Decisive Burners by Gregarious Beach (25 copies)
  80. Subliminal Syntax by Wayne Mason (25 copies)
  81. Music for Ghosts by William Taylor Jr. (25 copies)
  82. Wrong Side of the Bed by Nicholas Vafiadis (25 copies)
  83. Zamboni Heartland by Ryan Quinn Flanagan (25 copies) 
  84. The Death of Marlon Brando by Jonathan Terranova (50 copies)
  85. Wire in the Glass by Ford Dagenham (50 copies)
  86. The Streetlights are Beckoning Nirvana by Aqeel Parvez (25 copies)
  87. Impeach the Motherfucker by Catfish McDaris (50 copies)
  88. Decaying Sun Under Noontime Rain by Tohm Bakelas (50 copies)
  89. Obey the Unborn: The Natasha Hook Conspiracies by Zola Cate Picone (100 copies)