Analog Submission Press is a guerrilla publisher based in Leeds, United Kingdom. It was founded in 2017 by Marc Brüseke. Our foundation rests on punk rock ethics and DIY sensibilities—not punk as in "Mohawks," but punk as in "carve your own path, form your own ideas, question everything, and act consciously."

We specialise in booklets of transgressive writing that epitomise the best of the contemporary literary underground. These booklets are variously referred to as zines, chapbooks, chapter books, or pamphlets. Assembled by hand and printed in a home garage, we use a repurposed laser printer reclaimed from a local skip.

Starting in September 2020, all new pamphlet covers are printed on 100% recycled paper, while the interiors use FSC-approved paper from sustainable sources. Ten percent of the profits from each chapbook, published from September 2020 onward, are donated to charity. These charities may vary, but our aim is to direct funds to those most marginalised by the global industrial complex. Donations are made as a lump sum once each chapbook sells out.

Our pamphlets average around 20 pages and are designed for single-sitting reads. The strength of a pamphlet lies in its brevity and immediacy, serving as a showcase of an author's work and style—a primer for emerging writing. Printed in limited runs, our output ranges from 25 to 200 hand-numbered copies per issue. Since our first chapbook in August 2017, we've released over 160 publications featuring some of the most exciting and recognisable writers in the contemporary small press scene.

Always Lo-Fi. Always DIY.