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Lambs to the Slaughter by Thomas R. Thomas

  • Lambs to the Slaughter by Thomas R. Thomas

Thomas R. Thomas publishes the small press Arroyo Seco Press. Publications include Carnival, Chiron Review, and Silver Birch Press. His books are Scorpio, Five Lines, Climbing Eternity, in which the world is turned upside down, the art of invisibility, Star Chasing, The High Cost of Dying, and three on a wire.

Lambs to the Slaughter is an A5 saddle stitched chapbook. Lovingly handmade, hand stamped, and hand numbered. Limited to 25 copies. Printed on an old Canon laser printer we found abandoned at a dump site.

Book design and layout by Marc Br├╝seke

Original unmodified cover illustration by Ekaterina Tutynina